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Electric Cinema 2FOR1 Tickets when you travel by train to Birmingham. The Electric is the oldest working cinema in the UK. The building is also home to a full bar and luxury sofa seating with waiter service.

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Buy tickets for an upcoming Jamiroquai concert near you. List of all Jamiroquai tickets and tour dates for 2018.

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See what’s on in Dublin with our guide to all the highlights and must-see events for the next three days…

Infos cinéma, infos série, Infos people – Retrouvez l’actu de vos sorties avec : Interviews, bandes-annonces, extraits de films, news people à …

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covering 320 warehouse concerts with 1,000 memorabilia links & 700 photographs

The year 2017 has been quite a strange year for the Japanese movie industry after the rather successful previous one, which was shaped by the reintroduction of the Roman Porno series, the new Godzilla films, and “Your Name.” The industry is still dominated by manga adaptations and family/social

Passion pour les uns, chemin de croix pour les autres, il est sacré pour tous. Et pourtant, il ne s’agit peut-être que d’un énorme malentendu.

Tired of the mindless mega-budgeters that Hollywood shoves down your throat? Here are some of the weirdest films to pass through the pages of SHOCK CINEMA.

Cinema Retro has received the following press release from Paramount: HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (May 17, 2018)— Paramount Pictures hosted a special screening of the enduringly popular cultural phenomenon GREASE at this year’s Cannes Film Festival to celebrate the film’s 40 th anniversary.

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A PI is hired by a mysterious character to track down someone who disappeared. This person, he’s told, is needed to ‘settle a debt’. Strange murderous events seem to follow every lead and things get darker and more violent with each development until everything dives into the supernatural world and stays there.