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A huge python found on a construction site in Malaysia could take the record for the longest snake ever to be caught, with initial estimates at eight metres. The reticulated python – a species found in south-east Asia and widely considered as the longest reptile species – was spotted where a

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The longest tongue measures 10.1 cm (3.97 in) from its tip to the middle of the closed top lip and belongs to Nick Stoeberl (USA). It was verified in Salinas, California, USA, on 27 November 2012.

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The longest human poop ever recorded will not only mystify and amaze you, but it will probably scare the crap out of you (no pun intended). Especially when you read how this record was achieved.

What am I missing here? It seems like none of the above are palindromes. If a palindrome is a sequence of words that reads the same in either direction.

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All the Official Bachelor Relationships EVER, From Shortest to Longest Wondering just how long Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girard lasted? Or how many Bachelor couples are *actually* still together?

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Experimental films. While most cinematic films have a broad theatrical release in multiple locations through normal distribution channels, some of the longest films are experimental in nature or created for art gallery installations, having never been simultaneously released to multiple screens or intended for mainstream audiences.

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